TV's Ugliest Teen Turns 15 Today

The WB's Popular, Ryan Murphy's hallucinogenic dramedy about high school cliques tossed together by the cyclone of fate, turns 15 today. But Mary Cherry, its greatest accomplishment, is timeless. Stupid, selfish, rude, wealthy—as a nation we are always just about to catch up with Cherry, re: how awful it is possible… » 9/29/14 11:27am Monday 11:27am

What S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Getting Right and What It Could Still Get Wrong

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns tonight after a first season that most of us can't remember, but we're hopeful. Co-creator Joss Whedon and cohorts are always making bad television that then somehow swerves into greatness, shows about teenaged female vampire slayers and very old neurotic serial killers and… » 9/22/14 11:00pm 9/22/14 11:00pm

First Great Medical Drama ER Turns 20 Today

ER turns 20 today and usually we are still talking about ER because it is the First Great Medical Drama, the Last Great Network Drama (30+ million viewers weekly), or because reruns, you know? But its most sustained success was the cast, exceptional from the beginning and over 15 seasons, including more than 25… » 9/19/14 8:00am 9/19/14 8:00am

Tim & Eric's New Show Actually Doesn't Suck

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are returning to Adult Swim tonight with a new anthology, Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories, premiering at 12:15 a.m., and what you should know is: You, like me, can be a totally hip, with-it kind of person and be exhausted with Tim & Eric, with Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Tim… » 9/18/14 11:10am 9/18/14 11:10am

Exploring Spinoff Failure and Success on the 10th Anniversary of Joey

Let us remember, 10 years later on this day, that it must have seemed like such a perfect idea to give Joey Tribbiani his own spin-off of Friends, just the perfect way to extend the brand loyalty that had helped make NBC into America's No. 1 network. Because Joey, starring Joey, could not be anything but. Instead, t » 9/09/14 9:55am 9/09/14 9:55am

How To Catch Up for Doctor Who's Saturday Premiere

Doctor Who is a show so old and so storied that there is no one way to prepare yourself for the task of enjoying it. Depending on your own concept of linearity and time, the series is about to begin its eighth or its thirty-fourth season. The show's virtues are legion; its fans, legionnaire. But what they do not tell… » 8/22/14 8:30am 8/22/14 8:30am

Teen Wolf's Risky Cast Changes, Under Review

Tonight is Teen Wolf's Game Changer. We get about three of these a season and tonight promises the reveal of The Benefactor, the him or her who has hired a coterie of assassins to clear out the show's supernaturals. More people will die, and there are already so many corpses, like Allison Argent, the series' nominal… » 8/18/14 11:30am 8/18/14 11:30am

The Problem With TNT's Legends Is Not Its Shitty Title

We have all been fooled thus far into thinking that TNT's Legends is a new TV series ("from the producers of 24!") instead of what it is, beneath the scowls: An elaborate waterwheel to harness and disperse the power of its star, Sean Bean. There is a proud tradition of this sort of thing, grabbing hold of a… » 8/13/14 3:20pm 8/13/14 3:20pm

Winners and Losers From 20 Years of Inside the Actors Studio

James Lipton would already like to sleep with every single person who joins him on stage for Inside the Actors Studio, which is only one of the reasons that I think appearing on the show is probably a terribly complex feat of acting. You so have to try; and only signal the effort insofar as it makes us love you more.… » 8/12/14 1:00pm 8/12/14 1:00pm

Please Stop Talking About the Future of Arrested Development

You should know that this kind of thing, this thing here where Will Arnett announces to a screaming late-night audience that more Arrested Development will be coming and then every TV-themed blog or vertical in the world writes the same 125-word post about that announcement, that shit is so 2009. Having to go through… » 8/08/14 3:00pm 8/08/14 3:00pm

Last Night's American Ninja Warrior Continues The Year of Denver

Of all the people and places that American Ninja Warrior has been to/lionized, I would not immediately say that Denver would be the best place with the best people but here we are, more than halfway through The Year of Denver. » 8/05/14 1:00pm 8/05/14 1:00pm

Here Are The Next Five Celebrity-Inspired Video Games You'll Love

It's a strange age we live in when Kim Kardashian can make so much money off of a mobile gaming experience and we write endlessly about its production, its profits, and its deeper cultural meaning instead of the obvious question: What will be the next smash-hit celebrity gaming experience? » 7/30/14 3:00pm 7/30/14 3:00pm

Psychics, Indictments Not Getting Real Housewives of New Jersey Down

It's episode three and the blush is off the rose. Everyone continues to get more comfortable with everyone and what that actually means is that everyone now feels comfortable enough to figure out who they don't like. The twins go shopping with Melissa to talk shit about Amber. Amber and Melissa go to Teresa's and… » 7/28/14 9:00am 7/28/14 9:00am

Checking In With 15 Former Stars of Undressed, 15 Years Later

Undressed rightfully earned its smut because it was not smutty. It had no shame, only the complications produced by its characters' misplaced sense of the same. It had the lowest possible stakes (there's a joke among fans that the show was lit by a string of Christmas lights), so it invited the largest swath of… » 7/24/14 2:00pm 7/24/14 2:00pm